What do we do?



As Larry Ellison of Oracle is so fond of saying
the Internet changes everything

It is no longer simply a matter of interest, it is quickly becoming a matter of business. Our Internet specialists are geared to deal with all aspects of your Internet strategy including design, development and deployment. The high quality of our people means that we can provide a full service to our clients. Our high reputation is such that other professional firms routinely consult us on a wide variety of Internet matters.

B2B Ecommerce

The phrase ecommerce has become synonymous with "your shopping cart" as millions of consumers rushed to purchase goods being offered from on line catalogs. The shopping cart revolution, commonly refereed to as B2C (business to consumer), was dramatic; however, the true power of the Internet clearly rests with its ability to allow businesses to cooperate in ways only dreamed of in years past. The B2B ecommerce revolution is beginning to take hold, bringing dramatic reductions in cost and cycle time to traditional business transactions.

Our B2B customers have deployed their applications to take advantage of these dramatic savings. Many were tied up by legacy applications and could not free themselves from the daily task of keeping their businesses running. That is where Web Bearings, Inc. was able to step in and provide a robust B2B interface to their customers, vendors and employees.

HazTrack is Setting The Standard

The HazTrack Internet based application is taking the hazardous waste management by storm. HazTrack was the first Internet based application to manages all aspects of the transaction between generators, transporters, and hazardous waste management facilities. This complex and highly regulated transaction is greatly simplified and made available to all parties by HazTrack.


Web Bearings Launches webMOST

Web Bearings, Inc. is proud to announce the initial release of the webMOST application which is the first of its kind Internet based application that allows destination marketing institutions, such as CVBs and resorts, to capture sales leads and trace their actions until the business is booked. Sales metrics, via the Internet, allow them to monitor their business and control their daily activities..